Welcome to my skin care studio

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my skin care treatment. I hope I can serve you well.

Epicuren Products

Committed to Quality

I use a result-driven, anti-aging natural beauty line that helps me to restore and replenish your skin. The result is a healthier overall complexion for any skin type.

Facial skin care

A personable experience

My goal throughout our time with each other is to develop a one on one relationship where you can feel safe, supported, and respected. 

I created this space with the intention to soothe, relax, and restore the mind and body. 

Facial massage

Here for your guidance

My mission is to not only improve the overall health of your skin, but to give you the tools and tips that will help you to maintain your skin at home.

Kiana M., Licensed Master Esthetician


I use Epicuren products in all of my facial treatments. The majority of the formulas are made from pure, natural ingredients and enhanced with certified organics. Epicuren's unique Meta Dermabolic Enzymes improve the overall health of your skin. 

Unlike other waxes that may irritate the skin, Berodin Wax is different.

This luxury wax line is gentle on skin but effective on even tiny hairs. It can be applied at low temperatures so it is completely safe and relatively painless. I use both soft wax and hard wax.

In addition to quality product lines, I incorporate aromatherapy, light therapy, and massage which allows for an all encompassing holistic experience.

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